One of many gorgeous nights here in San Francisco. I always enjoy photographing beautiful sunsets.

I was hired to shoot images for the corporate year end annual. I had complete access with a security guard at my side to some very interesting vantage points around the trains. There were some trains from long ago no longer used that I photographed then was given a history lesson about. It reminded me of my fun experience years ago when I took a train from Santa Barbara to San Francisco. So many beautiful views from the glass "bubble" car coming up the coast including beaches not accessible by car.

I fell in love with San Francisco over 40 years ago when I moved here. I've never left and the passion for this incredible place on the planet has only grown.

I was able to take advantage of a rainy day to capture some unique light on this architectural gem by Frank Gehry in Los Angeles recently. The gray sky worked to create a more monotone and thus a more compelling image for me.

I could not resist taking a quick cellphone video on my daily walk. Such a beautiful day!

Fantastic experience to get exclusive access for this photoshoot for the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. Architect Renzo Piano created a stunning place including a brand new planetarium. The aquariums are gorgeous as well as the tropical rainforest complete with stifling humidity that is housed in a unreal 90 ft dome.

Talented group of artists opened up Shop Floor Design here in San Francisco. I photographed all new images for their website on location. Challenging lighting which I love as usual.

Just a thrill to watch Woody shoot a scene for his movie Blue Jasmine starring Cate Blanchett. Cate was very much hands on, looking through the camera often before shooting the scene along with the entire crew and of course Woody. I noticed Woody and Soon-Yi sitting side by side in director chairs, off the set, engrossed reading the script in silence.

For this client I suggested a shoot in the metal shop while the welders were working. I think businesses should show not only the finished product but everything that goes into making it. I really liked the natural light but also used some extra strobes for accent.

Enjoyed shooting this for Grace Cathedral in San Francisco entitled "Graced With Light" by artist Anne Patterson. I had special access to areas which made it a real creative treat for me.

20 Miles of Ribbon “Graced With Light” art installation consists of approximately 1,100 strands of ribbon, with colours inspired by stained glass, cascading from the church’s vaulted ceiling arches. Anne Patterson envisioned it as “a series of light pathways, connecting heaven and earth, manifest as ribbons. The ribbons carry our prayers, dreams and wishes skyward, and, in turn, grace streams down the ribbons to us.”

An unexpected treat happened as the organist showed up and started to play. This 7500 pipe Cathedral organ sounded unreal as he played a piece that was somewhat dissonant only adding to my enjoyment as I photographed the entire cathedral.