I fell in love with San Francisco over 40 years ago when I moved here. I've never left and the passion for this incredible place on the planet has only grown. more

Disney Concert Hall+Rain=Perfect!

I was able to take advantage of a rainy day to capture some unique light on this architectural gem by Frank Gehry in Los Angeles recently. The gray sky worked t… more

Exclusive Access-Academy of Sciences

Fantastic experience to get exclusive access for this photoshoot for the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. Architect Renzo Piano created a stunning place… more

Shop Floor Design-Custom Metal Furniture

Talented group of artists opened up Shop Floor Design here in San Francisco. I photographed all new images for their website on location. Challenging lighting w… more

Metal Fabrication/Design Project

For this client I suggested a shoot in the metal shop while the welders were working. I think businesses should show not only the finished product but everythin… more


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